BIM2Share Workflow is a form-based tool that creates direct value for our customers. The tool aims to reduce costs and optimize resource use. The simple interface means that each individual user always has control over their own tasks and entries. Time-consuming and heavy work routines are replaced with simple functions and good solutions.

Together with our qualifies consultants, the system is set up to suit your needs and focus on your resources.

Good user interface
More efficient working methods
Cost saving
Good quality assurance

Using BIM2Share Workflow

BIM2Share Workflow is a tool used for communication and collaboration between contractors and clients. Workflows and roles can be set up at the request of the customer or according to standards. Forms are usually based on standards suchs as ISO/NS European/Norwegian standards and NTKISO/NS European/Norwegian standards and NTK, which are then implemented in standard flows or project specified flows - the customer decides!

Example of a entry in BIM2Share Workflow.

Once the process flow has been set up for a project, and all relevant users have been given access, all you have to do is fill out the form and let the registration go from one relevant party to another. Notification of new listings will be sent by e-mail. All the different roles in the project are shown in groups, and which group the entry belongs to is clear. Color-coded role distribution means that the history is clear and easily recognizable in the current flow.

It is possible to link process flows, so that when an entry is completed, you can go straight to creating a new entry based on this. When you later print the result document associated with the last entry, the first entry will also follow.

The history can be transferred in its entirety, based on the user's insight, to PDF format. The layout in the PDF format is simple and understandable for anyone who needs to familiarize themselves with the procedure. All attachments related to the flows will be attached to the respective PDF file. The solution supports file export to the organization's archive system. In addition, reports that provide an overview of the status of the project's entries can easily be retrieved as Excel lists.

By using BIM2Share Workflow in the project, the standardized flow diagrams will lead to the work routines being well established and the flow in the work process being simple and traceable. With the help of an electronic signature, the interaction will also be completely paperless.

Getting started with
BIM2Share Workflow


In consultation with an experienced consultant from BIM2Share, we define relevant form-based processes in the project.


We define and assess roles, resources that are relevant in the processes and the project, and assess the needs of the project for the work methodology to be made more efficient.


Relevant users get access to the project room and can, based on access and insight, create new entries and have control over what is active and what is processed.


All history of the entries can, if desired, be retrieved electronically signed in PDF format, but will also at all times be available for inspection in the project room by those who have rights to it.


If necessary, automatic transfer of result documents to internal systems can be set up.


Measurements performed with customer's data show to up to 60% resource savings using BIM2Share Workflow.


In effect measurements, Bane NOR has documented savings of 65% of their own time and 50% of the contractor's time.

This applies to processing time for change management (VOR, VO) measured on individual projects, in relation to manual / previously used methods. 

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