BIM2Share AS
BIM2Share AS

We've been recognized by Construction Tech Review as one of the Top Building Information Modelling Solutions Providers, for our BIM2Share Hub as a total solution offering for the building life cycle.

This is a great tribute and motivation for our continuous work with customers in the AEC industry.

BIM2Share AS has been recognized as one of the Top Building Information Modelling Solutions Provider by Construction Tech Review

BIM2Share is a middleware hub that connects infrastructure developers, owners, and vendors to BIM applications and facility management systems. Serving document and BIM-based solutions, it allows clients to share and update program and design files seamlessly. This is performed with robust integration to APIs to support the building cycle from design to maintenance. BIM2Share also ensures error-free construction with its innovative server by employing a module validator.

“Our Hub is not just a tool; it’s an empowerment suite for the entire construction lifecycle, equipping builders, contractors, and owners with robust document and BIM-centric middleware solutions,” states Jarle Braathen, managing director of BIM2Share.

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