BIM2Share Comment & Sign is used to read, review, comment and sign documents. This is combined with online interaction between different users. Multiple users can, at the same time, review a document, discuss and use markup on the document while sitting on their own computer on separate locations.

Comment & Sign provides a full overview of current and previous versions. Other documents can be opened directly from the module. The module offers a number of editing and viewing tools, and enables you to do professional review for an entire project in one place - no matter where you are and who you collaborate with.


Connected to Byggeweb Project


Automatic delivery


More efficient working methods


Major time savings for the review process


Search engine for project files


Viewing files



Choose between two variants

Comment & Sign is available in two variants: with roles, and without roles.

In the projects using Comment & Sign with roles, you will be assigned documents to review, and get a full overview of what is waiting to be reviewed and what has been completed. You can search for other documents, but you can only comment and sign documents if you have access to do this.

Comment & Sign without roles is more open, but still with some restrictions. Only users with necessary access rights can view, comment and sign a document.

Using Comment & Sign

Comment & Sign is used with a project web, and can either be opened on a separate site, or directly from the current document in the project. Inside Comment & Sign you can read, comment, mark and communicate, and no changes will be visible in the project before you return the file as a new version.

Until a new version is return to the project, you can work with the review over several days, without manually saving it anywhere - all changes are saved to the server in real time. In Comment & Sign, you can see who else from the same project is available, and you can invite them to look at the document you are working on, and communicate via the chat.


Building owner

You are the building owner, and your large project is in the design phase.


The contractor has worked out and submitted a proposal.

Technical reviewer

The technical reviewer opens the document view the file in Comment & Sign and do the review.

Automatic response

When the review is completed, a new version will be automatically created in the project, which is available to the contractor.

Accepted result

The contractor submits a new proposal, new review is preformed, and this is repeated until acceptance.

Easy to use

All this without e-mails and travel to meetings - everyone does what they should on their own PC, in their location, together.

Satisfied customers

Many customers and projects have used the solution, with great satisfaction.