BIM2Share AS develops and delivers collaboration software for planning, engineering, building and operation in the construction, civil engineering and transport sectors.

Our solutions are based on a modern and open platform that enables efficient collaboration and process management with a focus on Drawing, BIM and Maps.

Our history

BIM2Share AS originates from IBM and was established as a Vianova company in December 2005.
Owners were Vianova Systems (now part of Trimble), Asplan Viak and the employees. The company focuses on total solutions for the BA industry. Throughout the period, the company has had and continues to have an active collaboration with Byggeweb in Denmark, which is now part of RIB Software SE.

The company changed its name from Vianova Systems TiPS FM to BIM2Share in 2016, and is today owned by the company's employees. From early 2018, the company has had an active collaboration with Tech Soft 3D on the development of BIM solutions based on the Hoops platform.

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BIM2Share is one of the 2% most creditworthy companies in Norway

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Source: D&B September 2021