The Collaboration platform supports handling and viewing of maps, models and drawings/documents in the same solution.

Open API and web services allow easy integration with various systems and sources, such as BIM platforms, document solutions and various other applications.


BIM2Share Collaboration platform is a collection of different products that work together and separately

BIM2Share Hub at the center of the Collarboration platform

BIM2Share Hub is at the center of the Collaboration platform, and makes it possible to view and integrate with various sources and systems.

The Hub can be used as an independent tool with full document and BIM-centric support, or display dynamically updated information from Byggeweb directly in the solution.

BIM2Share Hub is an integrated collaboration platform that can display information / applications in various windows (widgets) that are dynamically updated.

A Dashboard can be used for easy overview and navigation to easily work with your own tasks and the modules you want.

BIM2Share Hub showing an example Dashboard for easier overview

BIM2Share Collaboration Platform expands opportunities for collaboration, quality and project management by offering smart functionality and integrated solutions:


Creating elements in the Hub (documents/BIM deliveries in the past, present and future) - expansion of a traditional project web with active follow-up of deliveries and milestones.


Access to information from various cloud services using established APIs - MS cloud services (OneDrive, Office 365), SharePoint, various BIM platforms (AutoDesk BIM360/A360, Adobe, Hoops), Byggeweb etc.


Intelligent filters for accessing information from various sources. Using custom keywords, metadata and # allow information to be searched, viewed, managed and reported across sources and systems.


Geo location in maps of information (documents, BIM, floats/packages, entries/registrations such as clarifications, deviations, land acquisitions, HSE registrations, diary, errors and deficiencies, etc.).


BIM approach to different disciplines/sources and viewing/connecting information at BIM level.


APIs makes it easy to integrate and gives transparency to other solutions and systems.

BIM2Share Collaboration platform


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